Helping retailers drive customer lifetime value through Personalized Offers, Loyalty and Customer Journey solutions.

We offer Personalized Offers, Loyalty and Customer Journey solutions which leverage Machine Learning AI & Predictive Analytics that have proven to help retailers drive customer lifetime value and lower their promotional spend. Our cloud based platform provides three simple to implement solutions which are tailored to retailers brands, user experience, and customer economics. Our proprietary approach and in-market experience deliver quicker results, better ROI, and deeper customer engagement than traditional promotional or loyalty programs.

Our Products

Leveraging Machine Learning to drive Customer Lifetime Value through Individualized Offers

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Delivering Robust Functionality and Services for Retailers’ Loyalty Needs

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Optimizing the Customer Journey to Enhance Real Time Conversion

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Our Clients

Powering advanced customer engagement for the biggest retail and e-commerce brands:

How To Get Started

Understanding the potential value of your member behaviors is the first step in developing an advanced customer engagement program. Exchange Solutions’ Benefit Assessment not only helps companies to identify and quantify their customer behavior gaps, but provides a roadmap showing how to capitalize on these incremental opportunities.