Individualized Offers that help retailers improve customer lifetime value while ensuring promotions are optimized and executed in a brand sustainable manner.

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Retailer Benefits

Increase conversion rate, purchase frequency & average order value

Optimize promotional expenditure

Drive deeper category penetration & shape demand

Key Capabilities

    1:1 Customer Messaging

Machine Learning & Predictive Analytics

Margin-Aware,Variable Incentives

    Real-Time & Omni-Channel

Rapid Cloud-Based Implementation

    Continuous Optimization

In-Market Results

  • includes 8% lift in orders

  • uses 5-10% average incentive

  • growth in new customer acquisitions

Evidenced by a clear attribution model, using client-verified rigorous test/control measurement.

How It Works

Engaging known and unknown customers in real-time and in the right channel, we privately message individualized, 1:1 offers that deepen your customers’ engagement and drive the most profitable incremental behaviors.

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Pay-per-performance, clear attribution model. We only make money when our customers do.

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