Fully featured omni-channel loyalty platform. Highly scalable, flexible and secure.

Retailer Benefits

Speed to Market — launch in all channels with ES Loyalty’s configurable capabilities for a flexible and scalable loyalty program.

Incremental Profitability — deepen member engagement and generate incremental revenue and program profitability with Smart Offers.

Available & Secure — operate with confidence that your members’ data is protected, with 20+ years of trusted loyalty expertise.

Configurable Capabilities




Data Collection,
Access & Transfer

Reporting & Analytics Dashboards


Website Development & Hosting


Badging & Leaderboards

ES Loyalty Boost
Smart Offers

In-Market Success

25% average increase in loyalty customers spend (vs. non-loyalty)
over customer lifetime

Loyalty customers are on average 50% more profitable than non-loyalty customers

Loyalty customers spend 60% more per transaction

How It Works

We take data in for any action, event or transaction that you would like your loyalty members to be recognized for. This data is processed by ES Loyalty and the corresponding benefit to the member is issued based on pre-defined business rules. ES Loyalty is integrated with any channel desired to
provide a meaningful member experience.

Our Process

Assess data inputs and points of integration

Assess all of the key points of integration with ES Loyalty. Integration via standard, flexible API or variety of other options based upon needs.

Configure business rules

Configure ES Loyalty with base earning and redemption rules and turbocharge the program with Smart Offers.

Member Experience

Configure and integrate into all channels where the loyalty program will be made available.


Flexible pricing options. Typically base monthly fee + performance based pricing tied to delivering incremental revenue and profit for your business.

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